Sometimes when parties are in the midst of a relationship breakdown the most emotive and difficult issue to deal with is that of who cares for a child on a day to day basis and how often the other parent sees that child.

English law permits parents (who share what is known as Parental Responsibility) to agree what is best for their children.  Unless an agreement reached between parents is harmful then, there is very little by way of restriction as to how parents decide what is best for their own children.

What is important is that parents look at the needs of those children, which would include their ages, their wishes and how they can best deal with what is an extremely stressful time not only for the parents, but for them as children.

One of the more important considerations is that the child should, as far as practicable, be isolated from the relationship breakdown and that  parents should try to resist the opportunity of discussing any of the “adult issues” with them. 


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Unfortunately, in certain circumstances, parents cannot agree where the children should live and what period or periods they should have contact with the non-residential parent.  It is therefore possible to make an application to the court for them to consider a number of Orders which would include:

  • Residence Order - where the child should live;
  • Contact Order - who and how often a non-residential parent should see the children;
  • Specific Issue Order - are there any specific issues that need to be resolved by the court that cannot be resolved by the parents themselves i.e. which school should a child attend, are there any religious issues that cannot be resolved, is there to be consideration of removing the children from out of the jurisdiction from the court.;
  • Prohibited Steps Order - An Order preventing one or other parent taking a specific action e.g. removing a child from school.

If the court is asked to settle any issues in relation to a child, it will determine the matter on the understanding that the children’s interests are paramount.

At BHP Law, you will be able to speak to family lawyers who have dealt with similar matters sensitively and appropriately over a number of years.  It will always be the intention of advisors to try and assist parents to come to an amicable agreement and only, as a last resort recommend or suggest the issue of court proceedings.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer mediation and/or collaborative law, s a non-confrontational way of trying to deal with issues regarding children and what is in their best interests.


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