Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a new non-confrontational approach to resolving issues arising out of family or relationship breakdowns. It allows couples to work with trained professionals in order to resolve disputes, by keeping respect for each other and without going to court. The collaborative law process is based on open, honest and dignified discussions during which you are supported by your own trained collaborative lawyer. We work together in a series of meetings without the threat of court proceedings, to find a fair and mutually acceptable solution.

For collaboration to work both parties must be open and honest. All information must be shared so that when the meetings take place there are no surprises or ambushes.  It is ideal for couples who accept their relationship has broken down and want to sort things out, but feel unable to reach agreement just between themselves.


How does collaborative law work

  • Both parties sign an agreement confirming they will not start court proceedings and that they want to go through the collaborative law process.  You agree what the objective of the process is (e.g. to sort out money, contact with children etc);
  • Both parties have to agree to be respectful, co-operative and truthful;
  • There will be a series of meetings between the parties and their collaborative lawyers, where information is exchanged and negotiations take place;
  • You are encouraged to find creative and individual solutions tailored to your own circumstances;
  • The agreement reached is written into a settlement agreement which can be submitted to court for approval. 


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