Managing Debts

When money is loaned there is an expectation and usually an agreement, that it will be repaid.

Unfortunately if the borrower disputes it was a loan or is in financial difficulties the money may not be repaid on time. If you are owed money or have found yourself at the receiving end of a claim, we can assist.

What we do

We have a team of experienced litigators who can get to the crux of an agreement to distinguish if and when repayment is due. By reviewing any relevant documents and opening negotiations we seek to resolve disputes amicably. We can also take a more robust approach where needed, prepare court documents and advocate on your behalf. Each case is valued on its individual merits, so a bespoke service is available at competitive prices.


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How we can help

Where a debt is undisputed there are more direct and quicker methods of recovering the amount due than the usual court process. At BHP Law we have the experience and contacts to recover your money or assist you in negotiating payments to a creditor.

Disputed debts can also be settled by negotiation or may require judgment to be obtained before considering the range of enforcement methods available such as bailiffs, charging orders over assets, third party debt orders, attachment of earnings and insolvency.

Costs of dealing with debts should be proportionate, and we would always seek to recover costs from the debtor where possible. To get started we offer an initial fixed fee appointment of £100 (+ vat) this will allow us to discuss your matter and give you a roadmap of how we would propose progressing matters and the likely costs before incurring significant bills. Some clients use this time to get advice on how to progress a case themselves.

If you would like more information on Debt Recovery or about our services please call our team on 0800 590 019, fill in the callback form on this page or contact us here.