Our History

fresh approach, traditional values, local expertise

To some, history and roots are the past and we should only look to the future. However, at BHP Law we are very aware of our historic roots. Many of our clients have grown with us and we now support generations of their families.

BHP Law is a firm of solicitors providing legal services to private individuals and businesses from a network of offices across the North East.  With a history dating back to the early 1800’s, the firm has evolved to offer clients a fresh approach with traditional values.  Whether you are buying a business or selling your home, you can be assured that you will receive high quality legal advice from someone you can trust at a location that is convenient to you.



Rebranded as BHP Law


5 North East Offices

BHP Law has a long history of advising clients across the North East with its roots dating back to the early 1800's.  Many of our clients have grown with us and we support generations of families who continue to instruct us on a range of legal services.

The origins of the firm start in 1835 when Steavensons Plant and Park was established in Darlington and Burt Hart & Pratt (formerly LJ Heron & Co) was established in Durham shortly after the end of the second world war.  In 1993, the two firms merged to create Blackett Hart & Pratt.

Over the course of the next 25 years, Blackett Hart & Pratt expanded further by merging with the following firms:
  • Walton Hardy & Clough (Darlington) in 1998
  • Deas Mallen Solicitors (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) in 2001
  • Winskell & Winskell (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) in 2003
  • Harvey & Marron (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) in 2006
  • Anderson & Haggie (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) in 2006
  • James & Baker (Teesside) in 2007
  • Adamsons/J W Mitchell Dodds (North Shields) in 2007
In July 2006, Blackett Hart & Pratt (the partnership) converted to a limited liability partnership to be known as Blackett Hart & Pratt LLP and started trading as BHP Law in 2008.

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