Legal advice on contract disputes

In day to day life we enter into more contracts than we probably realise. It is inevitable then that at some point issues will arise from a contract, and the terms and conditions that come with it. 

Many people think that a contract has be in writing to be valid, however contracts can be entered into verbally. Issues occur when a party to a contract fails to meet the obligations it has agreed to carry out. If you have entered into a valid contract with someone that has gone on to breach that contract, you may be entitled to claim damages from them. 

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What we do

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of contract disputes, from consumer rights issues to loan agreements. We understand that being involved in a contract dispute can be stressful; we help to alleviate that stress by providing you with insightful advice in order to resolve the dispute swiftly and at minimum cost to you. We do this by quickly developing an in depth understanding of the contract and your objectives so that we can provide advice tailored to your position and seeking recompense for the losses you have incurred.

If you would like more information on contract disputes or about our services please call our team on 0800 590 019, or you can either fill in the online enquiry form or contact us here.