Today the way people manage their businesses and their lives is changing. Barriers are breaking down. Innovation is being rewarded. To help you thrive in this competitive world, we at BHP are taking a different approach than you might expect from a traditional law firm.

Not only is BHP an established legal practice, but also a dynamic, resourceful business. Our flexible structure enables us to provide legal and other relevant professional services in the blend best suited to your changing needs.   


Whichever of our experienced specialists you meet, you’ll also gain access to a unique array of skills: from planning applications to financial planning, intellectual property to commercial property, estate agency to sports agency. Working as a team, we will tailor an integrated, creative solution that fits in every respect. That’s the difference.

It makes all the difference. For example, for property developers, BHP can simply take care of the whole development cycle in-house: funding, site acquisition, planning, architecture, contracts and legal details. Should any individual also require personal investment advice or a trust drawn up, that’s also well within our capability.


With a network of offices including Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Teesside and Tynemouth we are ideally placed to complement clients operating at a regional or national level. At the same time locally based businesses enjoy the benefit of first-hand knowledge and connections built up in each centre.

Although we now have many professionals and support staff organised into a series of disciplines, in spirit we are one family united by a passion for quality and a belief in personal service. Only by understanding you and your business in depth can we make a real difference. 

Integrity remains a cornerstone, as you would expect of a firm building on a heritage of traditional legal practice going back to 1835.

Structured to deliver more

To deliver help and advice more efficiently, under the BHP umbrella, we are now organised into a number of disciplines geared to flexible, cross-functional working. This gives clarity without rigidity. Whichever of our expert services you find you need, you know it is only one conversation away. 

BHP Law, the legal practice, consists of two main parts. BHP for business, for commercial matters and BHP for you for private concerns.  

BHP for Business

BHP for business is made up of teams with expertise in a range of commercial areas. We support clients from start-up to plc, from across the North East, nationally and internationally, in a range of sectors including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, engineering and service sectors with legal advice on: 

  • Property funding, acquisitions and disposals   
  • Planning and development
  • Construction and engineering contracts
  • Business and company structures and trading arrangements
  • All types of business to business relationships
  • Corporate affairs and restructuring
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial dispute resolution and debt recovery
  • Corporate recovery and insolvency
  • Employment
  • Media and advertising
  • Sponsorship and merchandising
  • Contract related services from in-house notaries public

BHP for you

Success in business brings its rewards. To look after the interests of you and your family through the stages of life we bring together a complete range of private client expertise. In conjunction with our other experts in finance and property, our legal advisers enable you to enjoy security whilst making the most of your assets. Turn to our experts for:

  • Wills and probate
  • Family trusts and tax planning
  • Conveyancing, sales and all residential property matters
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Child and family related issues
  • Personal injury claims
  • Litigation and court representation
  • Contract related services from in-house notaries public

Start making more

The difference with BHP is not simply the unique range of professional services from one source, but the synergy between them. BHP for business, BHP for you and our other teams each draw upon and contribute to the specialist experience of the others. This adds value to the service you receive from any one of them. By leading the way in structuring ourselves to offer the law and more, BHP is the multi-disciplinary firm of tomorrow - today.


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