Love thy neighbour

Disputes can occur with your neighbour over many things. 

Noise, rights of access, drainageare all common issues, but more often than not it’s the boundary between the properties that is the tipping point or what gets argued about when relationships breakdown.

When we purchase property we often expect the boundaries to be as seen and as represented on the Land Registry plan. We also expect our neighbours to appreciate and reaffirm our understanding of the extent of our ownership. This is not always the case and, if not dealt with quickly and methodically, relationships with neighbours can become strained before collapsing.

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What we do

We pride ourselves on the specialists we have at BHP Law and the results we continually achieve for our clients in resolving land disputes involving boundaries, trespass, rights of way, adverse possession, party walls and access for repairs. We offer a bespoke service at competitive prices.

How we can help

Reviewing the deeds and plans of both properties is a good starting point, but not necessarily conclusive as other factors may need to be considered such as the historical use of land and application of law. At BHP Law we have the knowledge and resources to reach an agreement with your neighbour and determine the true boundaries of your land. Where a dispute is more protracted, we can prepare cases for the Land Registry, Courts and Land Tribunal.

Costs are always a concern, so for most areas we offer an initial fixed fee appointment of £100 (+ vat). This will allow us to discuss the matter with you and give you a roadmap of how we would propose progressing matters and the likely costs before incurring significant bills.

If you need help with a land or neighbour dispute, no matter how large or small, contact us today.