Tips for Child arrangements during the six-week holidays

21st July 2021

Every year, the six-week holidays come round and so does the stress and struggles that come with it. Arranging childcare can be stressful at the best of times but if you are going through a separation or divorce, we understand this can cause added complications / pressures.

To ensure that you have a stress-free school holiday period, our Family Law team have some useful tips and advice to assist you in putting the needs of your child/children first. Ensuring parents help create positive memories for your child/children to remember regardless of who they spend this time with.

School holidays can be a very difficult time for separated parents. Communication between parents is essential. Any arguments or difficulties between parents need to be put to one side when arranging shared time with children. Their needs always must take priority over that of an adult however difficult for parents that might be. Depending on the age of a child it may be appropriate to ask them what they want to do and how they would like to split their time.

It is much better if parents work together and create an amicable agreement. If this is not possible, they could consider attending mediation or alternatively approaching a solicitor who can deal with matters on their behalf.

Ensure that no matter how you feel about the other parent the child is not influenced by how one parent feels towards the other. The child/ children should not be guilted or persuaded emotionally into spending more time with one parent than the other.

Forward planning is key, where possible plan and agree the arrangements in advance and do not leave it too late. This can add to frustrations if one parent is better prepared than the other. Having an agreed schedule / arrangements will be good for your child/children to know where they will be and when. It will allow each of you to plan events / days out with your respective families. It will also be good for your child/children to see that their parents are working together as this will give them the emotional reassurance they need to enjoy their time with each parent.

Please ensure that children do not witness arguments and negative comments in relation to one another and remember that there is no excuse for abusive behaviour.

It is important not to compare school holidays to how they were prior to separation. Change can be positive. If the relationship broke down because one parent was unhappy it is important the separation is not thrown in their face out of spite, its important children see their parents happy whether they are together or not.

Parents please do not compete with regards to days out or presents. We often hear separated parents will try and outdo one another in terms of obtaining their child/children’s affection but this should not be the case.

From all of us here at BHP Law we wish you all an enjoyable summer with your families, however, if you need any advice or assistance regarding arrangements for your children, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01325 466794.

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