Medical negligence during the Covid-19 pandemic

6th May 2022


In its 72-year history, the NHS has faced its biggest challenge to date – The coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

COVID-19 came as a major shock to the whole world, let alone the UK or that of our NHS and social care services. Nothing could have prepared us for the huge impact it was going to have on our everyday lives.

Unless you were classed as a key worker, you were told to stay home. People were not able to go out to work and businesses, unless they were classed as ‘essential’, had to close. Weddings, concerts, holidays, and medical appointments were all postponed or cancelled as we were confined to our homes.

We will be forever thankful to the professionals at the frontline of our health service. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare support workers rose admirably to the unprecedented crisis, working around the clock to treat the most critically ill patients suffering from COVID-19.

Sadly, due to the significant disruption to the normal, day-to-day NHS services, such as the lack of face-to-face GP or other specialist appointments and cancelled dental appointments, the virus has, and continues to cause huge disruption to health services across the board.

The medical negligence experts at BHP Law have growing concerns for the health care needs of those who have been neglected throughout the pandemic. Those who have potentially been wrongly diagnosed, whether this is through lack of a physical examination and/or where patients have been incorrectly diagnosed by their doctors, over the telephone, or where medical conditions have been reported as long-covid, when in fact things have been more sinister.

There are also concerns for those who have been suffering from long-term health conditions, where treatment has been postponed.

Delays in medical intervention, screening and incorrect diagnostics have come with devastating consequences for millions of patients with other non-covid-related illnesses and conditions, such as cancer.

As a patient, whether you pay privately or you are entitled to treatment on the NHS, you should always be safeguarded from negligent harm.

If you or a family member has suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, either because of a misdiagnosis, delays or cancelled treatment, our specialist medical negligence solicitors can provide expert legal advice.

Our medical negligence experts are here to represent patients and their families who may have suffered avoidable harm due to unreasonable delays in their diagnosis or treatment. It may also be that a loved one has tragically died as a result of medical negligence, and our experts will support you with even the most sensitive of cases.

For a free, no-obligation chat with a member of our medical negligence team, call us today on 0800 590019.

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