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If you know that you need a Grant of Letters of Representation / Grant of Probate you may qualify for our fixed fee service. Our fixed fee services are on a graded scale depending on the level of service you require; starting from £450 plus VAT for a basic service of obtaining the Grant for you only.

It is much easier to obtain a Grant via a solicitor than to do it in person. This is because you give us the information we need, and we fill in all the complicated paperwork for you. If you apply for a Grant without using a solicitor you will need to go to your local Probate Registry for an interview. If you do it via a solicitor, this hassle is taken away. In addition the fee charged by the Probate Registry is cheaper if you go through a solicitor than if you go in person. All in all, our Grant of Letters of Representation / Grant of Probate service saves you time and money!


Probate Online

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