Transfer of Ownership

Even if you are not selling a property or buying a property, you may need to transfer of ownership of a property from you to someone else; or from them to you.  This could be, for example, because your parents want to put their home into your name to avoid paying care home fees or because your partner is moving in with you and the property is going to belong to you both. 

You will need full and proper advice as to the potential pitfalls of property transfer of ownership. BHP Law provides this.


Property Transfer of Ownership Steps: 

  • Obtain consent from your mortgagee(s),
  • Obtain consent from anyone else who is currently a co-owner of the property with you,
  • Advise you as to whether to own the property as joint tenants or tenants in common (if there will be more than one new owner),
  • Complete the property transfer and register it at HM Land Registry,
  • Confirm registration to you, the new owner, and the mortgagee(s) 


More Property Transfer Information and Advice:

Is someone you know worried about care home fees?

Is your partner moving in with you?

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