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Stephen Williams is the head of the Court of Protection health and welfare department and specialises in community care, health and welfare and mental capacity law. 

 Stephen started practising in the Court of Protection in 2008, one year after the Mental Capacity Act 2005 came into force, with the leading firm for Court of Protection in the country.  With over 10 years' experience, Stephen is one of the most experienced Court of Protection lawyers in the country and has developed a strong reputation in the North East.

 Stephen represents people who have learning disability, autism, dementia, Korsakoff's, and other brain-related impairments, regarding their capacity and best interests in relation to matters concerning their health and welfare, such as where they should live, what care they should receive, with whom they should have contact, consenting to sexual relations and consenting to medical treatment.  

 He is regularly instructed by the Official Solicitor, advocates, RPR's and IMCAs on behalf of the person at the centre of the proceedings .  He also acts for family members and other individuals who find themselves involved in proceedings within the Court of Protection.

 Stephen has successfully challenged deprivations of liberty of people in care homes, prevented local authorities placing people into care homes and has been successful in overturning unlawful decisions prohibiting contact with individuals.


Notable cases:

D Borough Council v AB [2011] EWHC 101 - a case involving a 41 year old man who had learning disability and which concerned whether he had capacity to consent to sexual relations with both men and women.  The case confirmed the relevant information for capacity to consent to sexual relations.

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