Our Recent Claims

Here are some examples of recently settled or on-going cases being acted upon by our specialist personal injury solicitors; these claims demonstrate particular circumstances, compensation awards and the level of experience our solicitors have.


Serious or Life changing injury claims

Ruth Markham, one of our specialist personal and medical injuries solicitors, is currently acting in 2 Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims cases, in which adults suffered severe brain injury as a result of attacks of violence, in both cases resulting in significant physical and psychological injuries. 

One of those cases is a claim for an adult who suffered severe brain injury as a result of violence in their childhood. We had taken over their claim following an award made in 2005, and have successfully argued for her claim to be re-opened. They have severe learning disabilities and behavioural problems; requiring 24 hour care. Their claim will be worth more than £5 million, which is around 20 times the original amount. The other case will be in excess of £3 million.

Jason L was a pedestrian who suffered severe brain injury when he ran in front of a taxi. Liability for the accident was denied and the case went to trial. The case raises an interesting issue about the reliability of GPS systems when determining the speed of a vehicle at any given moment. This case settled shortly before trial for £90,000 on a split liability basis.

Amanda R, a pedestrian deliberately run down when inadvertently caught up in an alleged drugs deal. Liability was denied until the defendent pleaded guilty at his criminal trial. Our client sustained severe brain injuries such that she is unlikely to work again, will require supervision for the remainder of her life and now lacks capacity. The claim settled for £1.245 million, substantially more than our initial estimate.

Kelly R was a pedestrian hit by a bus and suffered a severe brain injury requiring surgical intervention. She has significant on-going psychological problems as a result, which require continual treatment through a rehabilitation programme for approximately 3 years post-accident. The claim is on-going but damages are estimated in the region of £200K.


Ruth Markham Partner