Military Claims

Diane Davison is a Senior Chartered Legal Executive with many years’ experience of handling high value personal injury claims including amputations, spinal injuries, fatal accidents, psychological injuries and Criminal Injuries Compensation claims including sexual abuse claims.  She has special interest in Military claims including Non Freezing Cold Injuries (“NFCI”).  Diane has expertise in handling complex issues such as contested liability and combat immunity.

Diane has represented many servicemen/women who have developed Non Freezing Cold Injuries whilst in training and on exercises.  African and Afro-Caribbean Soldiers are 30 times more likely to attend the Institute of Naval Medicine Clinic in Portsmouth with non-freezing cold injuries.


Case Studies 

Diane represented a promising Army recruit who was discharged from the Army as a result of the MOD’s failure to provide basic equipment to protect against cold injuries. He received £160,000.00 for his injuries and loss of Army career. 

The recruit suffered numbness, tissue damage, long term pain and permanent intolerance to cold conditions after being forced to hike three times in freezing, wet and boggy conditions without specialist insulated boots. 

The recruit came from a long line of Armed Forces personnel within his family. Evidence was obtained to show it was most likely he would have become a senior non-commissioned officer had he not developed the injury.  As a result of his injury he lost a full Army career and was forced into accepting a lower paid job as a delivery driver. 


In another case Diane represented a former serviceman who suffered severe non freezing cold injuries to his feet.  He received £75,000.00.  The claimant was born on the Caribbean island of St Vincent and is of African-Caribbean ethnic origin.  Shortly before deployment to Norway he reported symptoms in his feet to a senior officer which were  suggestive of NFCI.  Despite this report, he was declared fit to go to Norway where he undertook cold weather survival training including cross country skiing and building a snow hole at temperatures of approximately minus 20 degrees c.  He experienced burning pain in his feet.  As a result of this NFCI he was discharged from the Army. 


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