Common NHS Claims

Unfortunately problems can arise with the provision of health care - not all treatment has the desired result.  This is why BHP Law have specialist solicitors who are extremely experienced in dealing with medical negligence claims. Many of us wonder if we even have a claim for clinical negligence, and while there are some common claims within NHS services, there are also some extremely unique and specialist cases that come to us here at BHP.


Our Medical Negligence Claim Services

We have dealt with a wide range of medical negligence claims, many of the utmost severity. We are committed to maximising the medical negligence compensation due to you.

We aim to make the medical negligence compensation process as simple as possible, by explaining everything in plain English to guide you through each step of the process. If you have a strong medical negligence claim, BHP Law will ensure that you can pursue it without financial risk to you.

Approaching a medical negligence solicitor to ask advice about pursuing a claim against a doctor or hospital can be difficult and we understand this. That is why we are committed to providing a sympathetic and understanding service which will recognise your needs. On top of that, most of our medical negligence cases settle without clients having to go to Court.


Types Of Medical Negligence Claim

Medical negligence compensation claims arise out of various different circumstances. Below is a list of the most common medical negligence claims, if your medical negligence claim is not listed below, please contact us for advice regarding your situation, or fill in our online claim form and one of our team will contact you.

Examples of some of the claims we deal with are:

  • Birth Injuries; such as Cerebral Palsy, Child Defects & Still Birth claims relating from negligent treatment or poor management of a birth. If you or your child have suffered injury during birth you may well have a claim for damages which we would be happy to investigate for you.
  • Accident & Emergency Claims – Where you may have suffered as a result of poor treatment or care in an A&E Department
  • Misdiagnosis: including Misdiagnosis of Cancer, if you were misdiagnosed as a result of medical negligence or delayed treatment that has caused further complications in health; or have suffered the loss of a loved one due to misdiagnosis, we have specialist advice to help.
  • Ophthalmic/Eye Claims – If you have suffered an injury or your eyesight has deteriorated following ophthalmic treatment or laser eye surgery.
  • General Practitioner Treatment – You may have suffered illness as a result of inadequate treatment from your GP.
  • Dental Claims – Where the treatment you have received from your dentist has caused you injury or pain and suffering.


Contact Us About  a Medical Negligence Claim

The list above contains only examples of the many areas in which BHP Law can help you in pursuing a medical negligence claim.

Call us today for a no obligation chat about whether you have a claim that is worth pursuing on 0800 590019 or at one of our offices in Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Tynemouth or Stockton in Teesside. Alternatively you can fill in the online claim form and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.


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