Spinal & Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Injuries or spinal cord injuries can have life changing effects on your life and the lives of your family. Spinal injuries can range from mild back problems that eventually, with treatment, heal to severe paralysis. Life changing injuries of this nature can have a monumental impact on an individuals life; as they are often life long and can therefore cause long term suffering. 

Spinal injuries can arise from many situations, including; Road Traffic Accidents, Slips, Trips or Falls, and even through medical negligence during procedures or hospital care.

Spinal cord injuries, alongside brain injuries or burn injuries, are classed as a Catastrophic injury or Life changing injury and therefore need to be dealt with a specialist team of qualified and experienced solicitors. 


Our team at BHP

Here at BHP Law we have specialist Associate solicitors who specialise in dealing with life changing injuries. They therefore have the expert knowledge to ensure that you obtain the settlement that reflects the pain and suffering you have encountered. We also have the links and skills necessary to help with additional care and financial needs;

  • by organising interim payments 
  • helping to organise care through preferred providers
  • organising rehabilitation services and links
  • helping to organise the funding for home adaptations, specialist equipment or transport costs
  • putting you in touch with our specialist Court of Protection team if necessary
  • arranging an appointment with an Independent Financial Advisor who can help you arrange suitable investments to make sure your compensation helps to last

We also help to take into account any loss of earnings if you are not able to return to work or to help look at retraining if your current working environment is no longer appropriate.


It is important in this type of case to instruct a solicitor with expertise to assist as soon as possible. Therefore, if you believe that you have suffered from an accident which has not been your fault and resulted in a serious injury then please fee free to call us today on 0800 590 019, or any one of local offices in Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Tynemouth or Stockton in Teesside.

Alternatively if you would prefer, you can fill in the Online Claim Form and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Ruth Markham Partner