Amputations relate to the removal of part of a limb; most often relating to;

  • Legs;
  • Arms;
  • Fingers and/or toes;
  • Hand and/or feet.

However, there are also less common extremities amputated such as; ears or eyes.

Amputations are life changing injuries that require extensive rehabilitation, physiotherapy and on-going assessment of victim needs. While many people are able to strive despite their injury or amputated limb, just look at the Paralymptics, others suffer severely before being able to continue on with their lives. 


Types of Amputation I can claim for

Amputation is normally the result of a surgical amputation or severe trauma. 

Surgical Amputations

If a limb has been severely damaged and cannot be saved it is then surgically amputated. These can be for a number of reasons, including severe infection through a medical condition such as diabetes, or in Amputation compensation claim cases it can be the result of medical negligence, or the result of a the limb being too badly damaged in an accident. 

Traumatic/Accident Amputations

These amputations are often the result of an accident; whereby the limb has been 'torn off'. These are often the result of Road Traffic Accidents or Accidents at Work.


When can I raise an Amputation compensation claim?

You can raise an amputation compensation claim if you believe that the amputation of limb was due to someone else's negligence and was therefore no fault of your own. The case would be run in the same way as any other Life changing or Serious injury compensation case; with the ability to claim for the same things, such as rehabilitation costs, equipment costs, home adaptation costs, etc. 

If you have suffered an injury resulting in an amputation you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim. If you would like to dicuss this further on a no obligation basis with a member of our team, please call 0800 590 019 or contact one of our offices in either Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Tynemouth or Stockton in Teesside.

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