Life Changing Injuries

More than just a legal service- what makes BHP's serious injury team different?

BHP Law serious injury legal team specialise in helping people who have suffered catastrophic and life changing injuries. Our team has experts in claiming compensation for all types of serious injuries, including brain injuries, spinal injuries and amputations.

BHP Law have lead the way in securing compensation for victims of serious injuries and their families in excess of 25 years.

Here at BHP Law we have built relationships regionally with experienced care and support coordinators; working with these care and support coordinators helps us to offer you a full service that includes advice on the best financial and practical solutions available from all government services such as the NHS and DWP, as well as independent and charitable support groups.

Our serious injury team is lead by a number of highly experienced Associates and a Partner within the firm. The team includes serious injuries solicitors who are members of the Law Society and APIL. We have earned a long standing reputation for taking on cases and winning where there seemed to be little prospect of success, or other solicitors have turned down a case.

Our objective as a firm, whilst trying to secure the maximum amount of compensation for our clients, is to also offer them a service with full communication, direct lawyer contact and same day response so that you know that we're there for you every step of the way. Many serious injuries are not straightforward, with the full extent of the injury being an ongoing investigation, therefore it is best to choose a firm where you know the same solicitor will be dealing with your claim all the way through. If you would like to discuss what kind of service we can offer you or someone you know please call us on 0800 590 019 or complete the online personal injury compensation calculator and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. We are always happy to arrange an appointment meet you in person to discuss your situation and how we can help.

We always provide home visits for personal injury clients; particularly in regards to those suffering serious injuries, whether this be in hospital, rehabilitation centre or at home.

You are under no obligation to instruct us following this meeting, and we also offer Court of Protection or Lasting Powers of Attorney assistance when someone you know has suffered a catastrophic injury and their lost the capacity to manage their financial affairs or health decisions for themselves.


What is classed as a Serious Personal Injury?

If you or a loved one suffers what insurers refer to as a catastrophic injury, life is likely to become challenging. Spinal injuries, brain injuries, amputations or severe burns can change your life and that of your family forever.

Specialist care and support may become a necessity. Specialist equipment may be required and your home may need to be adapted to suit your new needs. Months of rehabilitation may follow the accident, which has lead to your serious injury. Retraining may become necessary as you may no longer be able to do your current job. For some, their serious injury will mean the end to their working lives. In order to begin rebuilding your life, you will need financial support. 

Our Associate solicitors have years of experience of acting on behalf of victims of serious injuries, and our team has put together the following information to help you understand the process of making a personal injury claim for a catastrophic injury and how we might be able to help you and your family. 


What you need to know about raising a compensation claim for a catastrophic injury

Serious, catastrophic or life changing injuries is a very specialist area of law so it is important that your solicitor has specific experience in this field. At BHP, we have the level of advice and experience that you will need. 

You may be able to seek compensation in a range of circumstances. We have dealt with serious and catastrophic injuries for clients in a variety of circumstances, including Criminal Injuries Compensation Awards, Road traffic accidents, Medical negligence and even Accidents at Work. We recommend that you speak to one of our specialist advisors, on a no obligation basis, if you are unsure if you have a claim as their are strict time limits for bringing a claim.

There is a vast amount of work to be done for bring a compensation claim together when dealing with catastrophic injuries, therefore you should visit our of our specialist solicitors as soon as possible to discuss the Claims Process and how we can help. Please see our Recent Claims page if you would like to know more about they types of injuries and claims we have experience of. 


Our commitment to serve you

At BHP we have a team of lawyers based regionally within the North East of England that have specialised in dealing with personal injury claims relating to serious injuries in excess of 25 years. 

If you decide to instruct us we will always:

  • Simplify the legal jargon and discuss all the steps of your claim with you before we act.
  • Help you to gather all the evidence that is needed to bring your claim, and help you to assess the full extent of your injuries by referring you to specialist medical experts, and also aiding in sourcing any additional services you may need during your rehabilitation.
  • We will give you regular updates on your case, the strength of the evidence and how the claim is progressing.
  • We offer regular home or hospital visits, or we can update you via phone or email to suit you.
  • We will also give you important information and guidance on what benefits you may be entitled to from the DWP, the services your Local Authority may have in place to assist you and which disabled support groups work in your area.

As solicitors that regularly deal with clients suffering from life changing injuries, we know that legal advice is only one side of the problem; as a client of ours you will also receive lifestyle and financial advice.

If you would like to know more, Meet our Team.

What our clients say

I have taken time to write these words about BHP Law. My case of an injury at work was taken over in May 2014, as things had not progressed with my previous solicitor. Since BHP Law became involved things have progressed at a good rate.

Earlier this year, Ruth Markham, has taken charge of my case. I found Ruth to be very pro-active and she gets things done whatever the problems may be. Ruth gives me some much needed confidence with my case and I have to say I find her very professional in her duties and  to bring my case to a successful conclusion. I have no hesitation in recommending BHP Law (Ruth). If you want progress and confidence that things are happening, go to BHP Law.

Mr. John Davies




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