Louise Jackson
Solicitor Service areas: Court Of Protection

Louise started practising in court of protection work in 2019. Prior to this, she was an advocate at Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau. Louise completed her advocacy qualification and was the team leader for the Relevant Person Representative (RPR) advocates. An RPR is someone who advocates for people who are subject to a deprivation of liberty safeguard (DoLS) and are living in a care home. Louise was then promoted to work as the team leader for all advocates which included Independent Mental Health Advocates, Independent Mental Capacity Advocates, as well as RPRs. It was during this time that she developed an interest in the Court of Protection and decided to go back to law to practise in this area.

Louise is instructed by the Official Solicitor and RPRs to represent people subject to deprivation of liberty safeguards under s21A of the Mental Capacity Act. These proceedings consider the complex issues of capacity and best interest. Louise also represents individuals in s16 Mental Capacity Act proceedings and represents family members in Court of Protection proceedings.

Year admitted as a solicitor: 2007




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