Grandparents & Grandchildren

Sometimes, following a relationship breakdown, grandparents can encounter problems in being able to 
see their grandchildren. This can be particularly distressing when, before the breakdown, grandparents were providing care at times when the parents were at work. BHP Law offer a range of services regarding grandparent visitation rights and grandparent residence rights to ensure that grandparents maintain a relationship with their grandchildren.


Grandparent Visitation Rights Legal Process

If a grandparent worries about losing contact with their grandchildren, the first step is to talk to the parent that the child lives with.  Explain that no matter what the problems are between the parents, you do not intend to take sides but only wish to maintain a relationship with your grandchild.

Unfortunately, sometimes these assurances can fall upon deaf ears and this is when legal advice regarding grandparent's visitation rights and even grandparent's residence rights is needed.

The first thing to try is mediation.  This involves using an independent trained mediator to help everyone discuss what is in the best interests of the child and whether a compromise can be reached on contact. If this doesn't work, it may be necessary to make a contact application to the court.

In the vast majority of cases where solicitors are involved a compromise is reached and therefore court proceedings are rare and only as a last resort.


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