BHP Law has held a Legal Aid franchise for well over 10 years. If a client meets the LSC (Legal Services Commission) criteria on finance and merits we are able to represent them on what is known as Public Funding Certificate (Legal Aid).  At first interview costs will be discussed with you and we will work out whether you would qualify for public funding. If you do, the LSC will fund your case but would subsequently look to have our fees reimbursed if assets are recovered or preserved on your behalf. This is generally known as the 'statutory charge' and will be fully explained at the time you sign public funding forms.

If you do not qualify for public funding, our work is charged on an hourly rate which depends on the seniority and experience of the Solicitor involved.  You will be advised at the outset of their hourly rate. We will give you an estimate of costs at the beginning, although this can be difficult as costs are calculated on the amount of work involved. Costs can increase if the other side do not respond quickly or if a case becomes more complex as further information comes to light.  If our cost estimate changes, we will notify you as soon as we can, so that you always know exactly where you stand.

Ultimately our costs delivered should be fair and reasonable.  We do pride ourselves in offering value for money and genuinely believe our clients would agree.


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