Gemma Holmes gives her take on so called Divorce Day

02nd January 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s 2018 and we’ve made our resolutions and promised ourselves all sorts of things.

Often, people find the dawning of a New Year an emotional time.  It’s a time to reflect on the year gone by, your achievements, what has fulfilled your life and made you happy and what you really wish you could change.  The start of a New Year feels like the time to transform, to take a stand and to take some control over your own destiny for the next twelve months.

It’s very natural that these thoughts should turn to all aspects of your life and, often most poignantly, your family life.  Thoughts about your marriage may have been plaguing your mind for months in the build up to Christmas.  

You may read in the press today, and over the course of this month about Divorce Day or D-Day.  The 2nd January, the day divorce lawyers rub their hands together, wait for their phones to ring and their diaries to fill?  Actually no, here at BHP Law we are a friendly, client-focussed team and for me, it’s my daughter’s birthday, her first one this year, and so I will moving on from all of my own reflective thoughts and blowing up balloons and fighting with sticky tape and blu-tack.

The press wrongly trivialise decisions that thousands of people make every day of the year, but statistically, yes, more in January.  The decision to separate or divorce from your spouse is huge.  It carries a huge emotional and practical impact on your life and the lives of those around you.  Before you do pick up the phone and make that call to a solicitor, you have gone ten rounds with yourself, ‘what about the children?’, ‘what will my family say?’, ‘will I lose my friends?’, ‘why have I failed at this?’, ‘Am I being selfish?’ and so on and so on.  You will have probably gone ten rounds with your spouse as well.  You’ve blamed yourself, you’ve blamed each other.  Things may not be happy at home and you cannot see (I hate this phrase) the wood for the trees.

If you are having these thoughts, please do call us and have a chat.  It’s a free, no obligation, no strings attached 30 minute chat.  We can talk over the phone, we can meet in person or we can refer you straight on the outside agencies such as counsellors or mediators.  We have family lawyers covering our offices in Newcastle, Tynemouth, Durham, Darlington and Stockton. 

You do not have to make a decision to divorce right now, it is perfectly sensible to discuss what your options would be if you did go down that route, but you may be surprised by the other options available to you if you’re not ready but need to take some control over 2018 and your life.

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