BHP Bridges

With the changing legal marketplace and increased competition, many firms will need to restructure to survive and it may be the case that some firms will have to reduce the number of specialisms they offer.

We know that you work hard to look after your clients and provide them with proper, professional advice. But sometimes a client requires specialist guidance for which they would have to look elsewhere.

These days, the risk of advising in a less familiar area can have serious consequences and it may be that your professional indemnity insurance is insufficient to cover areas outside of your usual expertise. If you allow your client to take advice from another firm, you risk losing them altogether.

BHP Bridges offers a beneficial solution to these issues.

Using our specialist service, your firm can now offer the expertise and resource of a larger firm allowing you to undertake all types of work without fear of losing your valued clients.

Most importantly, your clients will be delighted with the range of services you can be instrumental in providing.


What are the benefits?

  • Non-poaching agreement
  • The service is completely free to you
  • A 5% fee share
  • A categorical undertaking not to accept any future referrals from your client
  • You have complete control over the referrals you make and all future instructions revert to you
  • You maintain and enhance your relationship with your client
  • Your clients benefit from a professional service at a realistic price

How does it work?

If a client or prospective client approaches you for advice you prefer not to offer, simply refer them to BHP Law under our new dedicated BHP Bridges scheme.

Your referrals with be dealt with by our specialist legal team who will provide frequent updates on your client’s case and communicate with you by telephone or email as regularly as you prefer.

In addition to this, we undertake not to solicit or accept referrals from your client unless your firm has been given first option to carry out that work at any time in the future.

Once billed and paid, your firm will realise 5% of the profit costs (plus VAT).


That’s not all

As part of our service we also offer help and assistance to your practice through our FREE BHP helpline, available during office hours.




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