PIP Breast Implants: Full Compensation for women affected

7th September 2021


Earlier this year, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled that TUV Rheinland, a German safety body, negligently awarded safety certificates for PIP implants and is liable for the injuries that the implants have caused.

What are PIP Breast Implants?

PIP implants are silicone breast implants containing unapproved silicone gel. The implants contain industrial grade chemicals never intended for medical use.

They were manufactured in France by a company called Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP). It is estimated that around 47,000 British women had PIP implants fitted and many are still living with them.

The vast majority of PIP implants were fitted in private clinics, but a number were done on the NHS for breast reconstruction after breast cancer treatment.

What are the risks of PIP Breast Implants?

Whilst research hasn’t found any evidence that PIP implants cause serious health risks, they can cause unpleasant symptoms if they rupture and are two to six times more likely to rupture than standard silicone implants.

The NHS are advising women with the PIP implants to see a GP if they have signs of rupture, such as: Lumpiness or swelling in and around the breast, a change in the shape of the breast, redness, pain and tenderness, a burning sensation and enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit.

The Court of Appeal Decision

Earlier this year, the court of appeal Paris upheld an earlier judgment finding German safety body TUV Rheinland negligent because they awarded safety certificates for faulty breast implants made by French company Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP). The implants were issued by PIP between 2001 and 2010 and the ruling follows ten years of legal proceedings brought by victims who received the implants.

It was first established in 2010 that the implants were filed with cheap, industrial grade silicone which was not cleared for human use and it was later identified that they have a higher rupture rate than other implants.

TUV faced a number of claims worldwide, the Paris court of appeal heard one of the first to be brought against TUV in the French courts, on behalf of 2,700 individuals. The hearing on 21 May 2021 held that TUV was negligent for awarding the safety certificates for the PIP implants and those affected should receive compensation.

It is not yet known when or how much compensation will be awarded to those women affected as this is still to be determined. The first ruling in relation to compensation is expected in September 2021.

How to find out if you have PIP implants?

You may have been given information about your implants when you underwent surgery, which may include information about the manufacturer of your implants. If you don’t have these details, you can ask the clinic where they you had the surgery and your GP may also hold this information.

How can we help?

Should you believe you were affected by the PIP implants and would like to discuss compensation, our personal injury & clinical negligence team are available and happy to discuss your case further. Please call us on 0800 590019.

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