Amanda Adeola talks childcare arrangements

19th July 2018

Agreeing arrangements for your children when a relationship breaks down can be difficult and fraught with emotions but it is important to always put the children first, consider their needs and to try to agree arrangements for them without putting them in the middle.

There is a presumption of parental involvement by law therefore every parent has a right to spend time with their children unless there are safeguarding reasons why they should not do so.

There are various ways in which an agreement can be achieved, you can discuss it between yourselves and come up with a routine that suits your children’s needs and also your family’s needs or if you are finding it difficult to agree, you can use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or the collaborative law process.

It is important to try to resolve arrangements for your children amicably without the need for court proceedings and it is also important for all parties to communicate effectively as this is often where the difficulties lie. Court proceedings must always be the last resort as not only will this take time, it will also cost both parties financially and emotionally.

With court proceedings you can still negotiate at court and try to agree matters, however if you are unable to do so, you must be aware that you lose control of the situation and there are uncertainties in terms of the outcome as a Judge will make the ultimate decision.

Our expert family solicitors can advice you on all aspects of arrangements for your children including but not limited to general arrangements (where the child should live and how often they should spend time with the other parent), any specific issue i.e. which school the child should attend or travelling abroad with your child and prohibited steps (not to take specific actions with regards to a child).

We are a friendly and approachable team who will provide you with the assistance and support you need. We believe in managing our client’s expectations and will advice on all aspects of your case. We offer free initial 30 minutes consultation either on a face to face basis or by telephone so why not contact one of our family solicitors on 01325 466 794 or 0191 221 0898.

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