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If you have been injured as a result of negligent medical treatment you may have a right to claim compensation. You will have to obtain a solicitor to act for you because medical negligence cases are always fiercely defended.

Medical negligence is a highly specialist area so it is important that your solicitor has had specific experience within this field of law. A clinical pratitioner or authority will be defended by experts and you must have equal specialist advice. We offer specialist medical negligence advice and experience.

Compensation is payable in many circumstances, the following stories are just some examples:


  • June H is a dental negligence claim arising from "supervised neglect". Liability was disputed, and as with all forms of negligence cases, causation was complex, but the medical evidence gathered suggested our client will require extensive restorative treatment, including implants. The case settled in the region of £35,000.

  • SD is a case in which the client attended the A&E Department on numerous occassions complaining of abdominal pain. The client was misdiagnosed as having kidney stones, for which he was awaiting surgery. The real cause was a duodenal ulcer, which eventually burst causing a potentially fatal bleed. He instructed local solicitors who failed to progress the claim and consulted us shortly before the limitation expired. We were able to properly advise him, obtain medical evidence dealing with complex areas of breach of duty and causation, and successfully bring the claim to conclusion within 12 months. The case settled in the region of £12,000.
  • We were instructed by a client who had undergone Laser Eye Surgery to improve her vision. The following morning when our client awoke, her vision had significantly deteriorated, our client described it as "looking through a cloud". She has suffered dry eye and numerous infections since the treatment. Liability is disputed and the case is on-going.
  • We were instructed by a client whose claim has now been successfully settled, our clients Optician failed to refer him for further treatment, resulting in a delay of 2 years in diagnosing and treating Glaucoma. This has had a permanent effect on our clients vision. 
  • We were instructed on behalf of the family of a man who had died as a result of a delay in the diagnosis of cancer following an initial misdiagnosis. As in all such cases, causation was complex, but we were able to bring this claim to a successful completion with, in the region of £10,000 recovered on behalf of the family.
  • Donna C's husband underwent a sterilisation operation, which failed. She subsequently fell pregnant. As might be expected this caused difficulties in her relationship with her husband. Liability is disputed. We expect to recover within the region of £15,000 for our client.
  • BHP are currently handling a case against the NHS 111 helpline, which includes misdiagnosis, breach of duty and liability disputes. BHP have been instructed against NHS 111 Helpline Services, as they failed to correctly diagnose, and also failed to attend an emergency scene within the prescribed timescales. Our client called the NHS 111 Helpline in regards to her husband who had begun to suffer heart palpitations, they sent a Doctor to the scene who should have arrived within one hour. The misdiagnosis of the heart palpitations resulted with serious heart complications within the hour. The Doctor who had been sent failed to attend the scene and did not arrive at the residence for another 6 hours following s series of telephone calls with the NHS helpline. The delays and misdiagnosis resulted in the patients death. Emergency Services have admitted to a breach of duty but are refusing liability on the grounds of causation. This case is still on-going.



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