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Most of our personal injury claims are conducted on a "NO WIN NO FEE" basis.

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Have you had an accident, or do you know someone who has?  It can be an incredibly traumatic time for everyone involved.  You need to be certain of getting the right advice as soon as possible, make sure you are properly protected and receive all the help you are entitled to.  We care about your personal injury claim and we know that, like you, each claim is different.  Because BHP Law is one of the North's leading personal injury claim law firms, you can be certain we are committed to providing the help you need, when you need it most, often on a no win no fee basis.

We have the skills to pursue all personal injury compensation claims - from simple accidents to medical negligence, including a dedicated Head Injury Unit to advise victims of traumatic head and brain injuries.  


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For your peace of mind a number of our specialist advisers are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


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The results below show typical compensation amounts for your injury*. Contact one of our team for a no obligation chat to find out how much your claim could be worth

Senses (sight & hearing)
Eye injuries (minor - serious) £1,450 - £25,750
Complete loss of sight in one eye £32,250 - £36,000
Partial hearing loss/tinnitus £4,850 - £30,000
Total loss of hearing in one ear £20,500 - £30,000
Facial injuries
Multiple fractures of facial bones£9,750 - £15,750
Fractures of nose£1,125 - £15,200
Fractures of cheekbones£1,550 - £10,350
Fractures of jaw£4,250 - £30,000
Loss of or serious damage to one front tooth£1,450 - £2,600
Loss of or serious damage to two front teeth£2,850 - £5,000
Loss of or serious damage to several front teeth£5,750 - £7,500
Facial scarring on male (trivial - very severe)£1,125 - £43,000
Psychological conditions
Post-traumatic stress disorder£2,600 - £66,000
Brain damage (minor - severe)£10,000 - £185,000
General head injuries
Minor head injury£1,450 - £8,400
Damage to hair£2,600 - £7,250
Neck injuries
Whiplash (minor)£875 - £5,150
Whiplash (moderate)£5,150 - £16,400
Whiplash (severe)£16,400 - £97,500
Back injuries
Back injury (minor)up to £8,250
Back injury (moderate)£8,250 - £25,500
Back injury (severe)£25,500 - £111,000
Other upper body conditions
Asbestos-related disease£4,350 - £83,750
Hernia£2,200 - £15,850
Shoulder injuries
Dislocated shoulder£8,400 to £12,600
Frozen shoulder£5,150 - £8,400
Soft tissue injury to shoulderup to £5,150
Fractured shoulder£3,400 - £8,000
Arm injuries
Simple fractures/breaks of forearm£4,350 - £12,600
Serious fractures/breaks of forearm(s)£12,600 - £86,000
Below-elbow amputation£63,000 - £72,000
Fractured elbowup to £8,250
Hand injuries
Crushed hand (minor - moderate)£600 - £8,700
Crushed hand (severe)£9,500 - £19,000
Fracture of one finger£2,000 - £3,125
Severe fractures to fingersup to £24,100
Amputation of ring and little fingersin the region of £14,350
Dislocation of thumb£2,600 - £4,450
Vibration White Finger/Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome£2,000 - £25,250
Wrist injuries
Simple wrist fracture/soft tissue injury£2,300 - £6,750
Wrist injury with ongoing problems£8,250 - £16,100
Lower body injuries
Hip or pelvis injury£2,600 - £86,000
Simple leg fracture/soft tissue injuryup to £6,000
Simple fracture of femur£6,000- £9,200
Leg fracture (incomplete recovery)£11,800 - £18,250
Multiple leg fracture£18,250 - £25,750
Below-knee amputation of one leg£60,000 - £86,000
Knee dislocation/soft tissue/cartilage injuryup to £17,500
Severe knee injuries£17,500 - £63,000
Foot injuries
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (minor)up to £9,000
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (moderate)£8,700 - £17,500
Ankle fractures/soft tissue injury (severe)£20,000 - £32,750
Achilles Tendon (minor - most serious)£4,850 - £25,250
Simple foot fracture/soft tissue damageup to £9,000
Moderate foot fractures/soft tissue damage£9,000 - £16,400
Serious foot injuries£16,400 - £25,750
Amputation of one foot£55,000 - £72,000
Simple toe fracturesup to £6,300
Crush injuries to toes/multiple fractures£9,000 - £12,600
Amputation of big toein the region of £20,500

If your injury is not listed, you could still make a claim. Please call one of our specialists to see if you could be eligible for compensation or complete our online claim form.

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