Our Top Tips Checklist For Moving Home

5th November 2019

We've got ten tips to help make your house move as stress-free as possible.


  • De-clutter your home

Before moving home it’s always a good idea to have a good clear out.Be ruthless and get rid of all those unwanted or unused items – there is no point in moving unnecessary items.


  • Pack ahead

Pack little and often – start by packing the items you don’t use often.A good example is those seasonal clothes – pack them up as early as possible.Leaving everything until the last minute will only end up in chaos.


  • Re-direct your post

If you’ve lived in the property for many years it may be a good idea to redirect your post.Use the Royal Mail’s Redirection Service to ensure you receive any post you have missed on your change of address list.


  • Change your address

Make a list of all people you need to notify of the move.If you can notify in advance do so.Remember you need to ring your energy supplier and provide them with final readings so they can produce final bills.Take a photograph of meter readings – this may avoid any disputes.


  • Choose a good removal firm

Remember this firm is moving your personal and possibly some of your most treasured belongings.Choose wisely – base your research on feedback, not just the price.Spend plenty of time on your research - make sure you read the company’s small print on breakages/damages.


  • Label your boxes

Labelling your boxes clearly and accurately will assist in finding your items.Ensure you label boxes on the top and sides by room.This will assist in unpacking and avoid confusion.


  • Take photos

Taking photos of all electric cables running from the back of TV’s, PC’s or electrical devices can save a huge amount of time and stress when setting up devices in the property – especially if the kids are anxious to watch their favourite TV shows.


  • Kitchen appliances

Remember to defrost the fridge/freezers a few days before completion.


  • Extra help

“Many hands make light work” so ask family and friends to help you out on the removal day.


  • Essentials box

Keep to hand all those items you use day and night ie medicines and keep these with you.Things like phone charges, drinks and snacks can also keep you going.


AND finally – sit back and relax with a celebratory drink or a cup of tea!


Having a handy checklist will make everything run much more smoothly on moving day and it helps so that everyone knows what they are doing and most of all where everything is.

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