Making Your Home Attractive To Buyers & Increasing Its Potential Value

29th October 2019

The time has arrived and you have made the decision to sell your property.

There are, of course, numerous factors which will help in selling your property but to make your property more attractive to new buyers it could well be worth looking at improving your energy rating before placing your property on the market for sale.  Making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and could possibly also increase its value.

On selling your property, in most cases, unless your property is exempt, for example a listed building, you will need to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  An EPC provides information about the property’s typical energy consumption and costs and suggests ways to reduce energy usage making the property more energy efficient and saving costs on fuel bills.   An EPC provides an indication of the energy efficiency of the property using a scale from A-G.  “A” rated homes being the most efficient and usually the most attractive to future buyers.

Here are a few tips to help improve your energy rating

  • Double Glazing.  Upgrading your windows and doors, particularly if your windows are single glazed windows improves your energy performance and can also help with noise reduction.  This option can, obviously, be costly to yourself so you do need to weigh up the benefits.
  • Loft Insulation.  A less expensive option which can make a huge difference to your EPC rating and bills.   Loft insulation is also easy to install.
  • Cavity Wall Insulation.   Insulating your walls will improve EPC Rating.  In some cases, you can qualify for help with costs for this. 
  • Replacing your boiler and installing heating controls. A new energy efficient boiler can reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.  Installing heating controls, such as a boiler programmer and individual room thermostats can also have a positive impact
  • Open Chimneys.  Open fires and chimneys can cause draughts.  If these are not in use blocking them up permanently can improve EPC ratings.  
  • Lighting.  Change lights to energy efficient versions.  Replacing all light bulbs with low-energy modes can provide a quick and inexpensive way of improving your energy rating

One last tip that will cost you nothing – track down any certificates relating to works carried out

If there are no certificates to prove that certain works has been carried out it may have a negative rating.  If, for example you are unable to access the loft to prove it has been insulated it may be assumed that you don’t have insulation unless you have a certificate to prove otherwise!

If you would like any advice around selling your home please get in touch. We have five offices across the North East and a great team of conveyancers with a wealth of expertise and knowledge.


One tip that will cost you nothing – track down any certificates relating to works carried out.

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