Five Tips For Separated Parents During The Summer Holidays

27th July 2018

As the summer holidays commence and parents are gearing up to have some much needed time away with their children, our family solicitors have put together 5 helpful tips to help separated families manoeuvre arrangements for their children over the holidays:-

1.   Are your children going abroad on holiday with either party? If so, provide notice to the other parent before booking the holiday. Agree the dates in ample time and provide the other parent with an itinerary.

2.   Passport - who will keep this and how will you pay the fees for any renewals? Try to discuss this and agree about it to avoid any disruptions to your holiday. Also ensure that passports are returned to the parent that keeps it following any holiday and is provided to the parent who intends to travel at least 14-21 days prior to any planned holiday.

3.   If you have different surnames to your children, check the requirement of the country you are visiting, do they need documentation from the other parent to confirm that they consent to the holiday?

4.   Encourage your child/children to speak to the other parent during the holiday preferably on arrival, midway through the holiday and on departure. It is important to keep each other informed about your children’s welfare.

5.   If you will be delayed on your return for any reason, do not ignore the need to notify the other parent as this will cause unnecessary anxiety and distress. As soon as you are made aware of any disruptions, contact the other parent to let them know. Show them proof if necessary. Remember you would expect the same courtesy too if the same was to happen when the other parent is away with your child/children.

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